World’s most revolutionary solar water heater

SUNPAD is pushing the solar world upside down.

Experience the unique symbiosis between dynamic design and water heating. All this at an exclusive price. Hot water has never been so affordable, beautiful and innovative.


With SUNPAD we opened a new chapter in the history of solar thermal energy

The sun and the gecko.


Our Advantages

The revolutionary all-in-one compact solar water heater that sets new high standards.

Innovative Technology

SUNPAD is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, maximum efficiency and extraordinary European know-how.

Attractive Product Design

SUNPAD speaks a cutting-edge design language with beautiful lines and timeless

Sustainability at the best price

SUNPAD is attractively priced. It allows sustainable hot water treatment to become accessible to everyone.

Explore the sun

Represented all over the world.

Our development team resides in Europe. The production facilities are located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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