SUNPAD is versatile and flexible

Save money.
SUNPAD in the most diverse fields of application.

No matter what challenges you have to face, we are ready for anything. Our solar water heater is the expression of unlimited possibilities. With intelligent energy solutions for your individual needs, we can reduce your heat energy costs by up to 80%. Depending on your climatic environment.


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SUNPAD electrical flow heater

Only solar, no supply energy needed.

SUNPAD electric or gas boiler

SUNPAD connected serial with existing electrical or gas boiler

SUNPAD only solar

SUNPAD connected serial with electrical flow heater


SUNPAD roof mounting

Pitched roof mounting

SUNPAD 20 degrees mounting

Flat roof 20°

SUNPAD 30degrees mounting

Flat roof 30°

SUNPAD is unique. Installation is extremely easy.

Easily explained.
Easy to install.
Easy money-savings.

With just a few simple steps your SUNPAD can be installed on the roof ensuring efficiency from the very first second. And it does not matter if it is for flat, sloping, gable roofs or free surfaces.

“SUNPAD provides a simple plug-and-play installation.”

Robert KanduthCEO