SUNPAD world network

Represented all over the world.

Our development team resides in Europe. The production facilities are located in Guadalajara, Mexico. A worldwide distribution network guarantees perfect service and optimum availability of your SUNPAD.

SUNPAD world network

SUNPAD in numbers

– Fully automated production on 1,350 m²
– Vertical shelving warehouse on an area of 1,100 m²
– Total annual production capacity on an area of 122,000 m² of collectors
– Current production of absorbers, thermosiphon systems, open loop systems (residential) and closed loop systems (industrial applications), as well as assembly systems.
– Production technologies used include precision laser welding machines, automatic distributors, pipe and profile cutting systems, cleaning systems, drills, sealing testers, stamp and frames for aluminum welding.

Two precision laser welding machines in Mexico
Solar water heater produced in just one piece in order to achieve better efficiency (most competitors use strips)
Copper pipes for better performance (competitors mainly use plastic pipes)