SUNPAD revolutionizes solar business

The source of infinite energy and origin of all life. Sending its warm rays to our planet for billions of years.

Nevertheless, it was only a few decades ago that people learned how to use solar energy effectively for hot water in their homes. The potential is enormous and we are still at the very beginning of a journey that nature is taking us on.

It inspires us to find simple and highly efficient solutions that will revolutionize our world. We want to take advantage of them to take on global warming, significantly reduce global CO2 emissions and give a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and the climate.


The solar water heater that is changing the world

At the very beginning, the question was asked: How can we use the sun to render heated water even more accessible and efficient, in order to give way to a new wave of enthusiasm for sustainable solar energy on a worldwide scale?

Our masterpiece: SUNPAD

– Innovative technology

– Unique design

– Excellent product

– Ease of use

– Best price

“With SUNPAD we opened a new chapter in the history of the solar industry. With an impressive product design, revolutionary innovation, and an unbeatable price.”

Robert KanduthCEO